Town Departments

Police Department

Chief Len Price

Chief Len Price started his law enforcement career
as a reserve officer in West Blocton in 1996. In May
of 1998 Officer Price started working for the Brent
Police Department and graduated from the Alabama
Police Academy (State Trooper) in Selma in November
1998. Officer Price left the Brent Police Department in
April 1999 to work for the Woodstock Police Department
(formally known as North Bibb). Officer Price worked
under Chief Holt Mann until December 1999 then under
Chief Michael Bates. Officer Price was promoted to
Sergeant in 2000 and then to Police Chief in 2001 after
the resignation of former Police Chief Bates. Chief Price
completed a 40 hour Police Chief’s Certification Program in October 2003. Chief Price also completed an 80 Hour Police Chiefs Certification Program in February 2006.

Sgt. Jason Beams
Jerry Lightsey

Municipal Court of Woodstock, AL

Physical Address
28513 Hwy 5
Woodstock, Al 35188

Phone Number: (205) 938-9790

Municipal Court Clerk:
Dorinda Robinson
[email protected]

Judge Dennis Steverson
Attorney: Boozer Downs
Prosecutor: Boozer Downs

All court sessions are held at the Town Hall of Woodstock at 2 o’clock on each scheduled date.

2020 Court Dates
January 3, 2012
February 7, 2012
March 6, 2012
April 3, 2012
May 1, 2012
June 5, 2012
July 10, 2012
August 7, 2012
September 4, 2012
October 2, 2012
November 6, 2012
December 4, 2012

If a traffic citation has been issued against you and you have been charged with one of the offenses listed below and would like to plead guilty and pay the fine and court costs without having to appear in court, please download the form below. You will need to sign the form and mail the full payment to the address indicated. If your charge is not checked, if you have been convicted of more then two charges within the past 12 months, or if you wish to plead NOT GUILTY, you must appear at the indicated date, time and place. This date is on your ticket.

Violation Cost
(Less than 25 MPH over posted speed limit) $181.00
(25 MPH or more over posted speed limit) $201.00
Driving oh Wrong Side of Road $191.00
Failure to Dim Headlights $171.00
Failure to Stop at Railroad Crossing $171.00
Failure to Use Child Restraints $186.00
Failure to Wear Safety Belt $41.00
Failure to Yield Right of Way $181.00
Following Too Closely $181.00
Improper Backing/Brakes $181.00
Improper Lights $181.00
Improper Muffler $181.00
Improper or No Rearview Mirror $181.00
Improper Passing $181.00
Improper Signal $181.00
Improper Tag $186.00
Improper Tires/Turn $181.00
Improper Window Tinting $211.00
No Helmet (motorcycle Rider) $181.00
Operating A Motor Vehicle Without A Drivers License $286.00
Running Stop Sign $181.00
Running Red Light $181.00
Stopping On Highway $191.00
Violating Driver’s License Restriction or endorsement $231.00


If you do not appear in court on your assigned court date or if payment does not reach the clerk’s office by your court date, your driver’s license may be suspended and a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Additional cost will be incurred to you.

Forms of Payment

•Cashier’s check
•Money order

You may pay online at or call 800-701-8560.

No Personal Checks Accepted