Welcome to Woodstock, Alabama, a very tranquil little community.  Woodstock is located on Alabama Highway 5.  The Town of Woodstock is the only community in the area that straddles two counties, Bibb and Tuscaloosa.  Woodstock is a small community nestled away from the hustles and bustles life of a large city. It offers a quite tranquil atmosphere for its residents and visitors.
Being located off of Interstate 20 it also provides the residents with the ability to be assessable to the large metropolitan areas.  It is located close to some of the major attractions of Alabama such as Tannehill State Park and the University of Alabama. Woodstock provides its residents and visitors with the country atmosphere which also features a quiet, laid back lifestyle.
The Town of Woodstock is a very close-knit community.  The Town under the leadership of Mayor Ricky Kornegay tries to offer something for all of the residents.  In 2004, a new Woodstock Town Hall was built.  It houses the police department, probate office, and various administrative offices for the town.  A wide variety of activities are hosted at our Senior / Community Center.  One of the main goals of the town is to support our residents and to honor them for their long-time commitment to the town.
“This is a very good place to grow up, and to raise a family,” said Kornegay.  “It’s not the smallest town or the biggest city—it is right in between.  We think we have the best of both worlds here in Woodstock.”
We would like to invite you to visit our community and to experience the quite atmosphere that you will find nestled back in the quaint Town of Woodstock.

Mayor and Council of Woodstock